Camitz Sparkling Vodka

Sweden's bubbling spirit


Among the many new sparkling vodkas recently introduced to the market, only Camitz has the taste and quality that pushes the concept out of the realm of mere fad. Using a carbonation process that captures the C02 released during distillation, the air trapped in the Swedish vodka doesn’t alter the taste, which in and of itself is on par with other premium vodkas on the market. We also love the visual appeal of its champagne-like bubbles that make for a similarly delightful sipping experience. A cork stopper, specially engineered to pop when opened, draws on champagne’s language as well.

Of course, like its flat counterpart, Camitz mixes well with any variety of mixers (as long as they’re not too heavy) for fun sparkling drinks. Served straight up, it’s a great palate cleanser and is a nice accompaniment to rich foods like steak.

See the Camitz site for purchasing details.

Image via The Strong Buzz