Tasmanian Rain Sparkling Water


Tasmanian Rain made a, er, splash with the introduction of their flat water a few months back and now Cool Hunting is the first to announce their new sparkling version. With smaller bubbles than Pellegrino or most other brands, the Tasmanian version is not as pungent, salty or mineraly as high-end alternatives. In fact, it's one of the few sparkling waters where I've actually noticed a major difference.

The company claims that Tasmania, "the edge of the world," is scientifically proven to be the purest air in the world and they capture the water in the northwest region before it ever touches the ground. While its pureness has an appeal and we like the taste, we still can't get entirely past our qualms with the bottled water industry—especially if it's being shipped all the way from Tasmania.

To Tasmanian Rain's credit, they're doing their part to cut down on their environmental impact. Bottled in 100% recyclable glass, the company is very proud to be carbon neutral. We're also still a little skeptical about the carbon neutral idea, but we'll take it for what it's worth.

Tasmanian Rain sparkling water comes in two sizes, 750ml and 375ml, and will be available at high-end restaurants, hotels and spas this November. For more information or to purchase the water visit their website.