Cheers to Earth Day


Producers are responding to the increased demand for organic beer and spirits. Here are a few that caught our eye.

Papagayo organic rums (plain and spiced), the world's first, come from a remote region in Paraguay. A project started in 1993 helped the local farmers, now some 800+, cultivate organic sugar cane. Because their crops are now ITFA certified the farmers benefit from higher prices, are educated in all aspects of farming, and the land benefits from being planted organically. These single estate rums hold their own in the taste department.

Juniper Green is the world's first organic London Dry Gin. Made from organic grain and herbs, the gin is distilled in the heart of London in two small stills, essentially by hand. The gin claims the "Best Gin" recognition from International Wine and Spirit Challenge.

Most grain used in conventional vodka is sprayed with chemicals up to seven times. Using only organic grain that has not been sprayed, U.K. 5 organic vodka achieves a clean and pure taste that's difficult to match.

Maison Jomere imports Papagayo organic rums, Juniper Green organic gin, and U.K. 5 organic vodka.

Organic beer can be found in many countries. St. Peter's Organic Ale stands out in the U.K. Founder's makes several different organic brews in New Zealand. In the U.S. Butte Creek and Wolaver's both make a full range of quality brews.