Counter Culture’s Cold Hearted Coffee

A limited release, complex iced brew that's designed for easy summer living

If rosé is summer’s official libation, iced coffee is certainly the season’s caffeinated fix. There’s no shortage of options out there (we’ve been partial to Grady’s since its inception), but Counter Culture’s new limited-release, Cold Hearted, is a definitive remedy for dog days and hot nights. The delightfully citrusy brew is a blend of beans and ideas which Counter Culture says may be their best yet; the base is coffee from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia—a town revered by the world’s top coffee producers—and for added dimension, they infused it with coffee from Embu, Kenya.

After making it ourselves, there’s no debating that this is one special blend no matter how you want to brew it. Counter Culture recommends Japanese style, which is to brew it hot and pour it over ice (this locks in flavor like adding a cube to a glass of whiskey), but as proponents of “any coffee, any brew” the blend is designed to offer the utmost in flavor even if you prefer taking the room-temperature slow route.

Cold Hearted is available online from Counter Culture, where a 12-ounce recyclable paper box sells for $18 through August 2016.

Lead image courtesy of Counter Culture, second image by Karen Day