Guanni After the Fire Chocolates


After losing her home and business in the October 2007 fires, San Diego-based chocolatier Mariella Balbi of Guanni Chocolates created the "After the Fire" collection featuring exotic flavors from her native Peru. Made from organic cacao, natural ingredients and free of any preservatives, chemicals or waxes, the collection includes chocolates flavored with pumpkin, Pisco (Brandy), Aruma (hot pepper), Bukare (a dark chocolate), Cusco with Aji Amarillo (yellow hot pepper), candied citrus peels and muña(Andean herb), Maca, Goji berries and more. Guanni also makes several varieties of chocolate bars, vegan and sugar free truffles and pastries which are all rolled and decorated by hand.

The After the Fire Collection is available in sets of nine chocolates for $24 and twelve for $32 from Guanni Chocolates.