Migliore Gourmet Spices

An assortment of seasonings that enhances dishes from breakfast to dinner

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The collection of eight specialty spices from California’s Migliore Gourmet are the culmination of one family’s dedication to handmaking perfectly seasoned Italian sausages for the past 50 years. The flavors—spanning Sicilian Fennel to Mexican Chorizo—were created to accompany traditional sausages, but they also make for an excellent additions to soups, scrambled eggs, pastas or grilled meats and veggies.

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We tested most of the blends, and were impressed with the amount of flavor in a small pinch. The Northern Italian blend goes perfectly on ground turkey meatballs while a dash of the Medium-Hot Italian spices are a perfect complement to a slice of NY’s famous pizza.

The seasonings currently sell online from Migliore for $8 a jar, as well as from Claro’s Italian Markets in Southern California.