Addition Cocktail Spices

90-proof, all-natural liquids offering wild flavors for imaginative mixed drinks


With 25 different savory and spicy flavors, the range of Addition Cocktail Spices opens a new door in the world of mixed drinks. These potent liquids, clocking in at 45% ABV, contain just three ingredients: water, alcohol and the source spice. All of Addition’s spices are handcrafted in Seattle from whole spices, fresh herbs or peppers—by way of a traditional maceration technique. Addition’s founders, Matt Hemeyer and Eric Salenski, have in essence created a spice rack for the cocktail market.


Only a few drops are necessary to deliver powerful, unfurling flavor—and some of the options Addition offer are nothing short of unexpected. While the spicy Thai Green Chili packs a punch, Szechuan Pepper delivers something far different but equally prickly (both would fit nicely in a margarita). Tumeric and cumin could easily complement many popular cocktails (gin-based makes the most sense here), as could Cardamom, Cinnamon or Clove. But it’s Pink Pepper, Tarragon and Curry that present options for sincerely creative exploration in drink-making.


These are quality products that serve up fresh alternatives to the normal drink palate. Most excitingly, their potential is as vast as one’s imagination—whether they’re used to punch up something alcohol-based or they’re acting as the primary alcohol in something rather different.

Addition Cocktail Spices are available for purchase online, where each four-fluid-ounce bottle sells for between $18 and $20.

Images by Cool Hunting