A sumptuous Brazilian chocolate bar designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer


Q elevates the chocolate bar to new heights of gastronomy. The recently launched confection owes its rich taste to Brazil’s finest cocoa beans and equally sensuous curves to Oscar Niemeyer, the country’s celebrated modern architect.


Q was concocted by Samantha Aquim, chef and head of the chocolate division at her family’s eponymous restaurant business. After studying with renowned chocolatier Thierry Alain in Paris, she visited cocoa farms in Bahia with a desire to explore “the magical possibilities of the perfect cocoa bean.” Aquim used a painstaking fermentation process—without adding any other ingredients or flavorings—to draw out its raw characteristics.


The final product is a piece of edible architecture that’s 77 percent cocoa. As a guide to its complex, tropically infused palate, Q comes with seven blends of the chocolate with different levels of intensity and smoothness. A gold-placed utensil and storybook on Q complete the experience.

Visit Aquim online for more information (in Portuguese only).