Chocolate Mountains

Blow your top with chocolates designed to mimic volcanoes


If you’re looking for an unusual chocolate experience look no further than Icelandic product designer Brynhildur Pálsdóttir’s Chocolate Mountains. Brynhildur created the molds and worked with Iceland’s premier chocolatier Hafliði Ragnarsson to develop and produce the complex confections. Each of the four multi-layered mountains is an edible model of a real geological structure, which Pálsdóttir details in adorably informative graphics.

chocolatevolcano1.jpg chocolatevolcano2.jpg

The Jökull chocolate represents Iceland’s glaciers with white chocolate coating a dark chocolate and is filled with caramel “magma” and white coconut chocolate. Another oozing confection, the Eldborg milk chocolate (pictured at top) made with almonds, nut biscuit and caramel, is modeled after a lava ring crater that is “very rare outside of Iceland.”


Drangar dark chocolate (below) is deliciously comprised of macadamia nuts and sugar-roasted coffee beans. Pálsdóttir explains that the stacks form when a cape erodes, and then over time they disappear as well—just like the chocolate once you have a bite.


Filed with pistachio cream, pistachios and Icelandic tonka pepper, the Stapi dark chocolate is covered in white chocolate at the top, symbolizing its distinct volcano form.


A chocolate this great deserves equally impressive packaging. Brynhildur designed these triangular boxes, which are similar in concept to the Microchips— box, another Icelandic product— that unfolds to reveal local information and drawings.

chocomount-100.jpg chocomount-101.jpg

The chocolate mountains currently sell from Mosfellsbakarí shops in Reykjavik and nearby Mosfellsbær. You can also contact Brynhildur directly, brynhildurp [at]