Revolution 3D Tea


Revolution Tea's new 3D teas make their premium blends portable and add a little something extra.

Known for a triangular tea bag (the Teapot Infuser, which is designed to brew a small pot of tea), Phoenix, Arizona-based Revolution company is never afraid to make a good thing better. Known for their extensive sensitivity toward consumer preference, their flavors have become beloved by tea connoisseurs worldwide for being layered and interesting. And now they take tea yet another step further.

Revolution 3D is the first "multi-dimensional" beverage of its kind, combining "super" fruit juices (made from so-called "super fruits"), essential vitamins and Revolution's own premium white tea. My favorite is the Green Apple, sweetened with blue agave nectar. If you're looking for something special to throw in your lunch box this fall, Revolution 3D is definitely worth a try.

Also, check out Revolution's website for fun tea party ideas.

Revolution's 3D teas are available at a variety of major supermarkets. Check their site for locations or buy a four-pack online for $8 from Revolution.