South African Raw Green Bush Tea

Exotically-flavored teas pack in twice the health benefits


Just when you thought herbal tea couldn’t get any healthier, The Republic of Tea’s Raw Green Bush Tea is the USA’s first unoxidized version of rooibos tea, lending an even bigger dose of vitamins and antioxidants. Keeping the plant in its raw form preserves natural enzymes, and in turn doubles the amount of antioxidants found in traditional green teas.

All low in tannins, the five caffeine-free varieties—Plantain Coconut, Orange Red Carrot, Black Currant Cardamom, Mango Chili and Natural Organic—are vegan-friendly, curiously flavorful and packed with nutritious herbs, fruits and veggies.


In addition to the salubrious selection of raw teas, the health-conscious purveyors also added Organic Turmeric Ginger tea to their roster of green teas. Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich properties, turmeric is thought by medical experts to help fight cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The new additions to The Republic of Tea sell online or at health food stores, as either full-leaf loose tea or in unbleached tea bags. Prices begin at $10.