Seedlip, The Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Two copper-pot-distilled, handcrafted liquids lending the illusion of alcohol

It almost seems unnecessary to say, but there are many alternatives to drinking alcohol. None, however, offer what Seedlip does. Producer in copper stills just like a premium alcohol, Seedlip is a non-alcoholic spirit quite reminiscent of gin. With no sugar added, and no artificial additives, there are two iterations: the Spice 94 and the Garden 108. The former is a bit warmer, employing all spice for depth, but plenty of citrus notes for levity. The latter is a botanical wonder with herbs aplenty. Both have been made with care and inspired by history: apothecaries in the 1600s, according to The Art of Distillation, used small stills to make alcohol-free herbal remedies.

Neither variation of Seedlip is meant to be consumed neat or even alone over ice (though, we suppose you could). It’s a thinner spirit and light regarding mouthfeel, pairing well with many cocktails components, including tonic water—making for an impressive G&T. (The team at Seedlip also provides recipes online for those looking to experiment.) Some may wonder what to do with a non-alcoholic spirit—we’ve found that it’s quite helpful when you like to taste of a hearty botanical spirit, but simply don’t want to drink.

Seedlip can be purchased stateside, online, for $39.

Images by Cool Hunting