SodaStream Source Bottle by Yves Béhar

A reusable bottle design sleek enough to match its namesake soda maker


After being wowed by Yves Béhar‘s SodaStream redesign a year or so ago, CH became steady users of the Source soda maker. While the machine itself is sleek enough to stand alone on the kitchen counter, the rather bulbous bottles always lived behind cabinet doors. To solve this gap in design cohesiveness, SodaStream launched a new reusable bottle designed by Béhar to match his system nicely.

With a slimmed-down design, it was reportedly inspired by a water droplet—which already plays a central role in the machine’s patterned surface design. This design reference creates a fluid connectivity between the two products—while simply aiming to be as elegant as a water bottle can be. Because of this, the new bottle (which is said to be able to withstand over 5000 uses) will now accompany all future SodaStreams sold.

Visit SodaSteam Source online for all of your home carbonating needs, including the Source kit, which is available starting from $100.

Image courtesy of SodaStream