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Cocktails Connected with SodaStream MIX

App-enabled home bartending with specially formulated carbonation levels to suit different spirits


Can a home beverage machine be a smart device? SodaStream certainly thinks so and their answer is the MIX. At Milan Design Week 2015, SodaStream recently unveiled their new connected device that that can be controlled via smartphone and runs with its own dedicated software.

Designed by Yves Béhar, this instrument is compact and refined. A beautiful, high-quality touchscreen is used to control the machine and showcases a series of recipes for cocktails and soft drinks. The connection to the internet allows for the easy uploading and sharing of new recipes. Simply gather the necessary ingredients, pour them into the SodaStream bottle, tap the screen and your beverage is on its way—bubbles included.


The development team at SodaStream spent two years researching for the MIX and found that different sized bubbles were needed to get the best taste out of different spirits. “In this product we made the bubbles much smaller and more refined,” says Chief Innovation and Design Officer Yaron Kopel, “A different level of carbonation suits a different beverage.” According to Kopel, the CO2 level is as important of an ingredient as any other—add too much or too little and the alcohol notes will overwhelm the taste.

The SodaStream MIX is slated to hit the market in 2016 with pricing information coming soon.

Images by Paolo Ferrarini


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