Suite 88 Chocolatier: Les Shooters


When the world's most desirable confection meets some of the finest spirits, it's bound to be a successful combination. Case in point, Les Shooters from Montreal's first chocolate lounge and boutique, Suite 88. The shooters, which appear to be average, conical truffles are actually chocolate containers filled with an assortment of 12 different liquors.

To take the shooter, first bite the tip off before drinking it like a tiny flask. The remaining chocolate serves as a sweet chaser that both contrasts and compliments the strategically paired liquor.

Interesting combinations include Abosult Mandarin vodka in a dark chocolate casing or Greek anise-flavored liquor Ouzo, combined with a white chocolate and blue cocoa butter shell. Other liquors used include Malibu, Hypnotiq, Apple Martini, Raspberry Daiquiri, Sake, Grand Marnier, Litchi, Kahlua and Jack Daniel's.

You can by Les Shooters for $24 at Suite 88.

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