Sweet Brazil Chocolates

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In Brazil, like most everywhere else, Easter tradition dictates giving chocolate eggs to relatives and friends. With the motto "Life has more taste when we feed our eyes before we delight the palate," Sweet Brazil Chocolates have been producing wonderful "design chocolate" since 1987—a superior choice for celebrating the holiday.

While every major chocolate brand working double to fill the supermarkets with thematic eggs—like Hello Kitty, X Men and the Power Puff Girls, among many others—distorting the original meaning of the gift and diluting the quality, Sweet Brazil makes miniature works of art out of chocolate that's also delicious.

Constantly searching for the ideal balance between design, form, flavor and texture, they've just launched their Easter 2007 products. Check their exquisite "Faberge Egg," (pictured above left) inspired by the legendary and priceless Russian pieces of jewellery, and the incredibly chess-pattern egg called "Op," (pictured above left), as well as other crafted pieces of pure chocolate delight.

by André Felipe, ag407