The Economist Branded Pizza Boxes


As part of their "Get a World View" campaign, The Economist distributed branded pizza boxes through 20 pizzerias in the Greater Philadelphia area. Each box displays one of a handful of pie charts that show a statistic related to world food distribution, with an emphasis on those used in pizza production. They list things like global wheat consumption, world cheese imports and arable crop land.

The placement of shops wasn't random either. The shops were chosen because of a close proximity to one of Philly's institutions of higher learning. The idea was to target a youth market by branding their favorite source of sustenance. While undoubtedly a promotion for the British newsmagazine, the pizza boxes represent a creative, through-provoking method of essentially force-feeding information. Perhaps it's a subject matter slightly heavier than the average pizza consumer is expecting. Do we need to know that 96.8 percent of American mushroom imports come from Canada? Probably not, but it's definitely food for thought.

via AdFreak