Mypressi Twist Espresso Maker

A nitrous-powered hand-held way to make espresso


With no cord or power button, the new Twist espresso maker relies simply on the power of standard recyclable N2O cartridges to deliver each flavorful shot. The portable espresso maker, inspired by the founder’s coffee cravings while on his honeymoon, uses either grounds or convenient ESE pods and weighs just over two pounds—an ideal travel companion for java-heads.


Easy to use and clean, the hand-held device is already receiving high marks from some of the coffee industry’s most revered critics. CH has yet to try one out ourselves, but we’re excited to see how it will hold up to the office’s borderline obsessive coffee habit. The simplicity of its intelligible design—insert coffee grounds and hot water, pull the trigger—makes it an attractive alternative to machines.

twist-espresso-5.jpg twist-espresso-3.jpg

The Twist sells online for $170.

via T Magazine