Vondelpark: Always Forever

From Vondelpark's debut album to the end of Kris Kross, our look at music this week

On “Always Forever,” young London trio Vondelpark deftly infuse indie pop with ethereal R&B, drawing on a wide array of influences. Think Arthur Russell and Sade visiting Bon Iver at his cabin for a session. Vondelpark’s eclectically-sourced sound is matched by their visuals. The video fades between newlyweds having their first awkward photos taken in front of a setting sun and a CGI-babe taking a lustrous dip in the sea. Oddly, this juxtaposition compliments the quixotic melody, leaving us more enthralled by the love of the young couple than the video game-inspired siren. The band’s first full-length album, Seabed, is out now on R&S Records.