Nicolas Jaar's new deep cut, a beautiful piece of synth-pop by SHERPA and more in our musical wrap-up

Nicolas Jaar: Coin in Nine Hands

From a deluxe version of Nicolas Jaar’s 2016 album Sirens comes an excellent, previously unreleased track called “Coin in Nine Hands.” Beginning with a dark and sexy pulsating beat and spoken word lyrics, the song builds and shifts hauntingly across eight minutes—becoming an almost industrial ambient track. Unsurprisingly, considering it’s Jaar, this is a bold, deep cut.

Cella: Prologue

Zurich-based DJ/producer Cella (aka Lukas Schnider) is just 19 years old, but has already crafted an excellent EP in Prologue. The six-track record is layered, textured and blends countless genres—from trap to jazz. Signed to Quartz Records at the end of 2016, Cella’s knack for using organic sounds with distorted, digital ones creates rich tunes that build effortlessly. Listen to the entire EP on Soundcloud.

SHERPA: Fornever

Copenhagen-based dark pop duo SHERPA (aka Carsten Sherpa and Tore Nissen) have just released a video for their glitchy but heart-wrenching track “Fornever.” The textured tune builds, shifts and adds layers across its four minutes, but it’s in an effortless and hazy manner that feels entirely natural. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this Danish prog-pop outfit.

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