Test Ride: Momentum’s PakYak E+ Bike

A burly bicycle that's so well-equipped and sturdy some would say it could replace a car

How New Zealand Musicians are Revitalizing Maori Language

Maori, the Indigenous language of New Zealand, is on the cusp of extinction—and musicians in the country are trying to save it. Translating well-known songs into te reo Maori (“te reo” meaning “the language”), New Zealand artists are putting the Indigenous tongue back into use. Lorde is one such musician, releasing a new EP, Te Ao Marama, that’s composed of five songs from her record Solar …

Harissa Crackers


New York Shuk teamed up with Hayden Flour Mills to put a vibrant spin on the humble cracker. Combining Hayden Flour’s high-quality, white sonora wheat with the market’s authentic and experienced palate for Middle Eastern flavors, the Harissa Crackers make for an organic and elevated snack. Packed with savory seasoning and a more complex taste profile, these vegan crackers deliver a touch of flair.


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Artist A G Cook Composed a Song From Apple Product Sounds

The snapping of AirPod cases, the resounding ring from a 1998 iMac, the scrolling sound from an iPod wheel and other beeps and clicks; these make up the instrumentals of artist and producer A G Cook’s latest song, “Start Up.” From a garage, Cook recorded and blended together various sounds from Apple products released over the last 45 years. As a result, he composed a …

Solange’s New Library for Rare Books on Black Art + Expression

Founded by Solange’s creative agency, Saint Heron, and curated by Rosa Duffy, the Saint Heron Community Library highlights over 50 rare, author-inscribed and out-of-print books by pioneering Black artists and thinkers. The online archive—whose first season runs from 18-29 October—focuses on fostering knowledge, discussion and skill within the community. “These works expand imaginations, and it is vital to us to make them accessible to students, …

First Black History Tube Map Pays Tribute to Iconic Black Britons

For the first time, London’s tube map has been reconceived to pay tribute to legendary Black Britons throughout history. Pioneers—like the first known Black woman to serve in the Royal Navy and London’s first Black bus driver—populate the map, organized into themes that coincide with each of the 11 underground lines. The categories (Georgians, sports, arts, trailblazer, LGBTQ+, vanguard, medic, campaigner, performer, literary and culture) …

Graphic Designer Steven Horton Jr’s Black Justice Flag

Graphic designer Steven Horton Jr has reimagined the US flag with Black Americans in mind. The bold design—inspired in part by Marcus Garvey’s Pan-African Flag and David Hammond’s African American flag—aims to represent those who don’t feel represented by the star-spangled banner which “has become a symbol of division. It is a symbol of the past. A past that embraced slavery and racism,” Horton Jr …

Immersive Highlights from the BFI London Film Festival “Expanded” Program

From poetic, mysterious performances to astounding sound adventures, our experience with this year's XR line-up

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Young, Gifted and Black: A New Generation of Artists


Edited by Gagosian director Antwaun Sargent and published by the non-profit arts organization Printed Matter, Young, Gifted and Black: A New Generation of Artists considers works from the newest generation of Black artists as a whole. With an interview between Bernard Lumpkin and director of the Studio Museum in Harlem, Thelma Golden, and other contextualizations by curators and experts, this book outlines what it means to …


Mickebana Trio Kids Needlepoint Kit


Suitable for children six years or older, the Mickebana Trio Kids kit is a floral needlepoint project with all the materials needed to complete it. The artwork is designed by Mark Lindebergh, whose colorfully opulent illustrations provide kids a bright and mesmerizing world to bring to life. Featured in either pink or red, the Trio comes with canvas, two tapestry needles, a colorful needle threader, …


KiCk i LP


Just as the Barcelona-based producer and performer Arca embraces gender euphoria in her public life, the artist’s latest album, KiCk i, eliminates any notion of a binary by celebrating her vast multitudes. The avant-pop album, tinged with reggaetón rhythms and techno beats, paints a powerful, queer vision of the future—helped along by collaborators: Björk, Shygirl and SOPHIE. In a single LP featuring a gatefold jacket, …


Chenile Patch $ativa Bag


The Chenile Patch $ativa bag from Sundae School is just as playful and chill as the other clothing and accessories from the brand—a craft cannabis-centric company founded by siblings Cindy and Dae Lim. The 100% cotton tote, measuring 15 by 20 inches, uses a multicolored strap and includes a floral accent. On one side, the bag reads “SATIVA” in bubbly, cloud lettering; on the other …


Jamila Woods + Peter CottonTale: “WYD (You Got Me)”

Singer and poet Jamila Woods teams up with producer, musician and vocalist Peter CottonTale (aka Peter Wilkins) for the languid “WYD (You Got Me)” which will appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie SUMMERTIME. The film’s director Carlos López Estrada also helmed the music video, which carries the same leisurely, nostalgic mood as the track.

Mac Miller: Colors and Shapes

Mac Miller’s 11th and final mixtape, Faces (2014), has begun streaming online and will also be available on vinyl. The project comprises 23 songs—most produced by the Pittsburgh-born artist himself—and from which “Colors and Shapes” has been given a new visual treatment by Sam Mason. Featuring a dog traversing various realms, the animated video includes elements from Mac Miller’s childhood. “The track felt very visual to me—like …

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The gay agenda according to Shamir, the tasty return of Kelis, a cameo by Robyn, plus more new music this week

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Personal style as protest, Steven Horton Jr's Black Justice Flag, NYC's unusual vending machine and more from around the web

PinkPantheress: All my friends know

“All my friends know” is the eighth track from internet sensation PinkPantheress’ debut mixtape, to hell with it. Like her other songs, this melancholy breakup bop evokes a futuristic world using nostalgic vocals. While short and sweet, the less than two-minute track embodies the young artist’s signature lo-fi rave sound with nuance and sincerity. Briefly, she whispers of turning to nature to mend a broken …

New Cookbook By Indigenous People Reclaims Narratives About Native Food

A Gathering Basket is a new, virtual cookbook by Indigenous people, for Indigenous people. Breaking from tradition, this groundbreaking cookbook includes digital recipes, essays, videos and new releases that coincide with the moon cycle. Led by Indigenous chef organization I-Collective, the book reclaims narratives about Native foodways, capturing the multiplicities apparent within Indigenous cultures. From content to funding, the publication remains independent, giving Indigenous chefs …

Personal Style as Protest in Nigeria’s Alté Movement

Since 2014, a youth subculture—the alté movement—has been dedicated to breaking societal conventions in order to challenge many of Nigeria’s conservative beliefs. Now, the movement’s protesting in the form of fashion. Daring make-up, bold hair styles and colors, flesh-revealing apparel, fur, feminist slogans and “nail polish on the fingers of boys and those who identify as male” are all on the list of the gender- …

Everyone Loves a Spy Cam

The AVMC211 from I-O Data appears to be the smallest hand held video camera to date. It looks pretty cool, but I wonder about the image quality.

Fame And The Art of Image Maintenance

FATAIM (Fame And The Art of Image Maintenance) embraces graphic design as an essential part of modern living. They are a collaboration between graphic and fashion designers, where graphic design is the fashion. FATAIM can be found among other super-cool Japanese T-Shirts at BeamsT.


Last month I started a weblog for Otis. Friends thought I was crazy. I believed them. I took it down. With the help of Takara’s Bowlingual, a device that translates barks to english, dogs might actually generate their own blogs. As noted in The Register, all it will take is someone to handle the transmission.