Ford Debuts Electric Mustang Mach-E SUV

Undeniably of the beloved muscle car family, this new vehicle offers exciting updates

Svalbard’s “Doomsday” Seed Vault to Get a Snøhetta-Designed Welcome Center

Preserving some 986,243 seed species, in zero degrees Fahrenheit, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault protects the legacy of Earth’s fauna. For those who’ve long dreamed of seeing the site themselves, a visitor center known as The Arc is set to open in 2022. Design firm Snøhetta will lead, and their vision is two-fold. First, a mirrored, modernist main building (on a suspended timber frame, so …

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Yaara Nusboim’s “Alma” Therapy Toys

Israeli designer Yaara Nusboim created these wooden therapy toys in collaboration with child psychologists for kids to work through various struggles (including trauma) during play therapy. This kind of treatment was developed by psychoanalyst Melanie Klein some 80 years ago, and encourages children to express themselves through play rather than conversation—offering a comfortable distance for them from whatever issue they are facing. Nusboim says, “The …

China-Based BGI Aims to Extend Life to a Minimum of 99 Years

For China-based BGI, the secret to living longer and healthier lies in interpreting our genetic sequences (a notion that’s often met with privacy concerns). Along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, tapping into our DNA to determine which diseases or ailments we’re susceptible to may prolong life 20+ years above the international average, which hovers around 71. The genetics giant (along with plenty of …

Justkids + Camille Walala’s Colorful Gas Station

The corner of Grand Ave and 11th St in Fort Smith, Arkansas has been transformed by women-led global creative house Justkids and French artist Camille Walala. Named Walala Pump & Go, the ’50s-era gas station is now a bright, bold and playful piece of public art. The colorful patterns that now cover the structure were inspired by the artist’s “travels, the Memphis movement, optical art …

A Custom 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Made for Off-Roading

Created at Wisconsin-based custom Porsche build shop, Kelly-Moss, this 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 is like no other. Built as an off-road vehicle, it features MOMO rims and fat, rugged tires that are made for going off piste. Along with “custom-made aluminum bodywork, Eibach springs, Brembo brakes, and LED light bars,” the car also features sport racing seats, steering wheel and pedals. Despite having just …

Word of Mouth: Coffee and Art in San Francisco

Within the Mission District and SoMa neighborhoods, our favorites are all within walking distance of each other

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Gray Intarsia Socks


Blue Blue Japan pays homage to their home country with these socks featuring the rising sun. Woven into the ankle of these reinforced, cotton-blend items, a red circle references the nation’s flag: the Hinomaru. As they’re finished off with tapered cuffs, these socks won’t lose their shape or slide down when worn.


Zakuro Cast Iron Teapot


The Iwachu workshop has been hand-crafting cast iron since 1902, and their team of artisans also does an incredible job updating its collections to include more contemporary pieces—all while remaining true to their traditional processes. The Morioka-based makers turned a typical cast iron teapot into a sculptural work with distinct personality and ultra-functional features. Plus, the deep blue hue, because of the texture of the …


My First Skateboard Book


Written by pro skater Karl Watson and illustrated by Henry Jones, the aptly titled My First Skateboard was written to inspire kids to get active—on skateboards and within the skating community. The positive tale follows Jonas through his journey: from his desire for a skateboard to shredding the San Francisco streets, and then meeting people from all over the world through the sport. Explicitly saying that …


Dustin Feline Vision Skateboard Deck


An 8.5-inch board dedicated to one of their team members, Canadian skateboarder Dustin Henry, the “Feline Vision” deck from NYC-based Alltimers features a dozen cats staring out with their eyeballs flared in a camera flash. The top is a purple woodgrain and sports the familiar Alltimers martini glass logo. Alltimers boards are of solid enough construction for skating on the street, parks or pools.


Andy Shauf: Try Again

Joyful and a tad flirtatious, Toronto-based Andy Shauf’s “Try Again” depicts an awkward run in with an ex. But it’s far more than a note about loneliness: Shauf does an excellent job at developing the cast of characters, an impressive feat for the just-under-four-minute track. “Somewhere between drunkenness and jealousy / I watch her talking to some old friend / What a reunion, he recognized …

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse feat. MF DOOM: Ninjarous

Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) has unveiled a previously unreleased song made in collaboration with Sparklehorse, the inimitable MF DOOM and Patrick Carney of the Black Keys. When Burton recorded 2010’s Dark Night of the Soul with Sparklehorse, he produced more music with frontman Mark Linkous, who’d pass away a few months before the record’s release. “Mark and I worked on a lot of music …

Google Stadia Shows Infinite Potential

Cloud-based gaming hasn't worked in the past, but the conditions are right for the tech giant to enter the market

Rather than localizing the millions of gamers that go online each day to consoles with limitations in each person’s home, Google Stadia aims to bring the entirety of the gaming industry online. The proposition, when introduced earlier in 2019, raised eyebrows as no longer would gamers claim physical ownership of their console or games, as purchases would be relegated to a distant server under Google‘s …

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TNGHT (aka Hudson Mohawke and Lunice), after seven years apart, return with their widely anticipated II EP. From it comes “WHAT_IT_IS,” a noisy, Timbaland-esque track with vocal samples, drums and space-like sounds. The end result proves enjoyably odd, courtesy of an unconventional formula. Other tracks on the EP follow suit, although most are darker and more aggressive. From boom-bap and early 2000s hip-hop to modern electronic, …

Neon Indian: Toyota Man

Neon Indian (aka Alan Palomo) returns with his first song entirely in Spanish, “Toyota Man.” Upbeat and glitzy, it’s a pro-immigrant tune with a little playful satire. In the music video (also directed by the artist), Palomo creates an alternate self-history that stars a piñata version of Trump. Palomo says that more recently, “the story of my family, which before felt commonly American, was suddenly …

Previewing Expo 2020 Dubai

We get an early tour of the UAE's new, designed-for-Expo district

The first World’s Fair took place in 1851 under the title Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, at London’s Crystal Palace. Telescopes, the world’s biggest diamond, daguerreotypes, and pay toilets were some of main attractions. The event has been the reason for many impressive feats, perhaps the most famous being the Eiffel Tower, which was constructed for the 1889 fair in …

Interview: Royal Salute’s Director of Blending, Sandy Hylsop

Finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, the new expression is extra special to the brand

Many booze brands subscribe to the idea that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. When you have a delicious elixir that the public clamors over, it seems mad to change it. But, the most interesting brands are curious, inventive and experimental. And Royal Salute, the storied, Speyside-based whiskey company, continues to innovate for those reasons, but also to set the bar within the industry. …

Testing Motorola’s Razr Flip Phone With a Fully Foldable Screen

Motorola’s Head of Product Operations Doug Michau talks about the transformed icon

Be A Bag

Anya Hindmarch, a British accessories designer, created Be A Bag as a charitable promotion. She offers you the opportunity to transpose a photograph onto one of 6 different style bags. Check out the site for some examples and inspirations from all her famous friends.

Cellphones Made Easy

In today’s NY Times Circuits, David Pogue reviews low end cell phones. It’s a pretty good overview of the most basic phones on the market. And, as always, it has Pogue’s witty tone. I like the Seussian opener: Red phones, blue phones, Cellphones, new phones! Look at all the things they do: This one has a camera, too. One has built-in G.P.S., One plays Tetris, …

Fashion is the other f-word

No Good For Me – Style plus Vice is Kat Asharya’s fashion weblog. She seems to focus more on the juicy street stuff than the runway cotoure, but covers a pretty good bredth.