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Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary #35

Adidas 35 Superstar 35Th1
Adidas 35 Superstar 35Th2

As you well know by now, Adidas is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Superstar. They released 34 different versions of the shoe, each a celebration of the people, places and movements that helped it gain its fame. Though they were not all released at once, they were unveiled at the same time. Except for number 35.

A mystery until today, number 35 is certainly the most sought after and difficult to obtain. Before you can get a pair, you have to get a golden ticket. And to do that you have to participate in a treasure hunt. And it all happens today. The details are on line, but unless you live in Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles or Hong Kong, you don't even have a shot.

So far as the shoes… they're as pure and simple as it gets. White on white on white. Classic. And they come in a swanky white leather case with gold hardware and a full cleaning kit. Looks to me like a Toland Grinnell sculpture.

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