Bobby vs. The Edgar

Upcoming éS video shows Skateboarder Bobby Worrest giving his new pro model shoe a proper beating


If a skate shoe can’t stand up to the pavement, it’s not a skate shoe. To prove the durability of Bobby Worrest’s latest pro model, The Edgar, éS will release a new full video showing how Worrest himself abused the shoes. The “Man vs. Shoe” battle spanned nine consecutive months of skating to “ensure that the shoes bearing his name were ones he thoroughly tested himself, the old fashioned way.” Eschewing the trend of investing millions in labs to test skateboarding products, éS brings it back to the basics with this wear test.

Leaving Worrest’s skating mainly to the imagination, the teaser builds hype around the upcoming full video and includes an effective time-lapse of the shoe’s wear pattern. Look to éS next Monday, 15 August 2011, to watch Worrest’s skateboard wizardry versus his freshly-designed shoe.

Pick up your own Edgars (available in blue, maroon, grey and black) through éS, starting around $60 a pop.