Clarks Horween Chromexcel

The classic desert boot gets an upgrade with leather from Chicago's famed tannery


A quintessential piece of every man’s wardrobe—or, perhaps should be—Clarks desert boots’ history is as storied as the design is simple. While the classic suede offers the most timeless option, the recent introduction of Horween leather makes a strong case for a more durable boot. For the best results in both style and performance, Clarks tapped the famous Chicago tannery’s Chromexcel leather supply. The glossy leather gets its self-polishing shine from a superior blend of natural oils, greases and waxes, which also extend the life of the leather.


The strong leather, mixed with the comfortable natural crepe sole makes for a solid winter alternative to heavier, workwear-inspired boots. Currently available online from Clarks, the Horween Chromexcel desert boots sell for $144.

Photos by Graham Hiemstra