DU/ER’s New Performance​ ​Shirts

Two tech-forward tops that resolve typical problems with activewear

Sponsored by DU/ER

Ever since crafting a near-perfect pair of commuter pants (the soft, flexible and breathable “No Sweat” pant) performance-wear brand DU/ER hasn’t stopped making further technical developments. After years of producing tech-forward bottoms for all genders—from jeans to slacks—today they are launching a Kickstarter for their very first shirts. For now, the shirts will be available in two styles—a button-down and a T-shirt.

Crafted from an update on their proprietary L2X denim​ ​fabric (cotton,​ ​Coolmax and Spandex) the 9-to-9 button down offers power stretch for maximum movement. Plus it’s moisture-wicking and anti-wrinkle, whether you’re riding to work or accidentally leave your shirt at the bottom of your gym bag, you’ll arrive looking fresh. The shirt also features a convenient headphone port.

The 24-Hour T-shirt is made from cotton,​ ​Tencel, and ​Lycra—offering breathability and comfort. Using the updated proprietary​ ​N2X​ ​”No​ ​Sweat​” ​fabric, the inclusion of eucalyptus-derived Tencel offers moisture management and odor control. For those on the go, the shifted shoulder seams prevent chafing and—of course—the Lycra means plenty of movability. Even better, this T-shirt is available for men and women.

Both shirts are available on Kickstarter now—with early-bird prices at $59 for the button-down and just $19 for the T-shirt.

Images courtesy of DU/ER