Erin Lightfoot Jewelry

Colorfully patterned porcelain bangles from a talented designer-turned-ceramicist


While her textile designs are currently impressing attendees at Brisbane, Australia’s Seven With Another Retrospective—a biannual art exhibition presented by Powerhouse Arts, where seven teams of two artists each create and display work together—we looked a little deeper into the portfolio of Erin Lightfoot. Her uniquely patterned jewelry collection demonstrates vast, dynamic design talent and her ability to flex her mastery across media. Her bangles boast clean yet actively colorful patterns, inspired by Edwardian tiles and the 1900 Exposition Universelle which grace the handcrafted porcelain—the result of three firings. After polishing and glazing, her patterns (which originated as digital illustrations) are layered atop.

LightfootBangle-02.jpg LightfootBangle-03.jpg

Lightfoot began as a student of graphic design, moved into the world of fashion and ultimately adopted the role of ceramicist (also her mother’s trade). At the core of all her creations stands charismatic pattern-work. Often angular or jagged, occasionally harmonious and other times in opposition, colors unite within the confines of polished, rounded bracelets.


Erin Lightfoot’s jewelry—all limited edition and hand-numbered—is available for purchase online, with prices varying between $120 and $130.

Images courtesy of Erin Lightfoot