Evolver Tee


The latest Go Ape tee to arrest our attention was the Evolver design: a Beatle-esque pencil drawing of apes a lá the frequently ripped-off jacket artwork on the 1966 classic LP.

There are other gems here: "Elliot's New Friend"—a classic Stephen Spielberg spoof featuring BMX bicycle's silhouette cascading over a full moon with Ridley Scott's "Alien" in the front basket. Sick. (Yet funny.) For the Return of the Jedi buffs out there, "Boo Boo Walker" has an At-At four-legged walking machine with the same lampshade cone that dogs have to wear when they come back from the vet so they don't gnaw their wound. Sick? Funny? Yes, absolutely.

Printed on American Apparel, tees start at $18 from Go Ape.