Fila + Core77

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Sneaker collaborations are a dime a dozen these days, so it’s pretty rare that something really unique and fresh turns up. Fila and design website Core77 cooked up these kicks for Core’s 11th birthday. They were originally reported to be denim, but closer inspection revealed they’re treated to look like they were carved from blue foam, a popular modeling material in design schools and firms worldwide. Anyone who’s worked with this material (ourselves included) will immediately recognize it. Core77 even replicated a familiar manufacturer’s diamond logo on the side of the shoe.

Other details include an embroidered 77 on the tongue, and what appears to be a thumbnail sketch of a humorous Jagermeister dispenser concept on the insole. Our sample pair also came with both standard and wide laces – no word on what the production models ended up with. These ran the risk of ending up as an industrial designer in-joke, though luckily they look nice with some raw denim and a white tee on a summer’s day. No word on how the blue foam material will breathe, however.

Only 300 were made, available exclusively through, lots more pictures after the jump.

Contributed by Ryan Tomorrow

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