Gentleman Arthur Ties

A smart line of woodblock-printed neckties channeling classic American authors and innovators


Weaving a story into very stitch, Gentleman
creates handcrafted, art deco-inspired neckties with an authorial vibe. Using an intensive labor-of-love woodblock printing process, Gentleman Arthur produces a limited run of ties imbued with aesthetically faded patterns reminiscent of
what co-founder and designer, Samuel Wagner, likens to “the worn adverts you see
painted on the side of old brick buildings; their story inexorably linked
to that material.”

Trading in the iconic accessory’s buttoned-up silk standard for a smart but rustic aesthetic, Gentleman Arthur offers a small assortment of ties that will likely appeal to the free-reeling, scholarly-minded sartorialist. From the Jack Kerouac-inspired
“Hobo” design to the geodesic pattern of the aptly titled “Buckminister” tie, each piece is infused with a unique tale that “bounces between the modern and the adventurous.” Wagner explains, “I wanted to create a project that had the mental complexity of artwork while sharing the accessibility of popular culture.”

Gentleman_Arthur1a.jpg Gentleman_Arthur1b.jpg

From the selection of the wood to the hand-sewn seams, each step of the
tie process reflects the custom care and organic imprint that distinguishes
the brand. “Some would say those are imperfections, but Arthur thinks
that it’s those remnants of the craftsman that makes the ties perfect. We
want to establish a connection between the craftsman and the wearer, and
create a sense of where products come from,” says Wagner.

Made from 100% cotton and
felt, Gentleman Arthur ties sell online for $75. Keep an eye out for their equally handsome line of pocket squares coming out next year.