Internet-Inspired Clothing by Brisbane’s House of Cards

The "In Too Deep" collection riffs on our tech addiction with dial-up skirts, hashtag pants and more


With past collections like the Japanese pop culture-inspired “Yatta” and the ’90s-doused “The Waisted Years,” Brisbane-based independent fashion label House of Cards goes all out each season with thematic collections full of creative statement pieces. Designer Ashiya Omundsen’s latest drops in time for Australia’s 2015 autumn/winter season and will tickle the fancies of those who grew up listening to AOL’s bouncy dial-up modem sound, all the way to today’s Tumblr queens. “In Too Deep” comments on our technological reliance as a generation and takes it even further by bringing hashtags and WiFi icons to our everyday attire. The pieces, with names like “Log Out Overalls,” “Restart Soft Trench,” “#jumpsuit” and “Proxy Bike Shorts,” are still notably fashionable, with contemporary silhouettes and a charming array of pastel hues that channel Microsoft Paint gradients.


“I have a background in graphic design and photography, so I think this plays a part in the way I approach fashion design,” Omundsen tells CH of her creative process. “I decide on a core idea and then other ideas come—shapes, prints, colors, etc. From there it’s just a matter of having the skill set to turn those ideas into a physical outcome. The end result isn’t always exactly inline with my original idea but I think that’s part of any process.”

Pondering the question of when she realized she was “in too deep” herself, Omundsen muses, “Maybe when I got my first iPhone, I’m not in denial.” She later adds, “Actually, probably when I first got a Myspace account. I’d been avoiding it but some friends made one for me behind my back and I got suckered into using it.”


After worrying about our obsession with the internet, come to terms and embrace it by purchasing a piece from the collection via House of Cards’ online shop.

Images courtesy of House of Cards