AdBlock Pro Cap

From LA-based HOHO COCO—a brand founded by Janice Lee that centers on social consumerism, specifically online—this “AdBlock Pro” cap is for those who adore the pop-up-blocking plugin. Available in various colorways, it’s one-size-fits most. The brand has plenty more off-kilter and silly slogans available, but they also offer personalized hats and caps.

“The Leaked Recipes Cookbook” Interweaves Food + Internet Privacy

Human rights and technology researcher Demetria Glace recently compiled The Leaked Recipes Cookbook, a collection of over 50 recipes found in the world’s biggest email leaks, from Hillary Clinton to Emmanuel Macron. In sifting through these emails, Glace uncovered how food, internet privacy and corporate culture intersect. She tells MOLD, “Along with these recipes, I found a lot of strange coincidences and stories, and gained an …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Donating frequent flyer miles to migrants, unveiling Minecraft's Uncensored Library, archiving the internet and more from around the web

Miles4Migrants Donates Frequent Flyer Miles to Those in Need Miles4Migrants, a non-profit founded back in 2016, has been using donated frequent flyer miles to provide people impacted by war, violence, persecution and disaster with the opportunity to migrate safely. Focused on individuals and families who are legally allowed to travel, but can’t afford airfares, Miles4Migrants relies on public donations and also collaborates with other non-profits …