Imaginary Foundation Sublimation Tees


by Kyle Small

Over at The Imaginary Foundation, the mysterious "Director" and others have been experimenting with t-shirt styles for a while now and the Sublimation series is a new process that makes for super detailed imagery. Using dye-sublimation, the tees can be highly decorative and imaginative; talk about wearing art to its fullest extreme. And what really makes these shirts unique is the fabric: specially designed for the Imaginary Foundation, the exterior of the shirt is made of polyester while the interior is cotton. The combo not only makes for a comfortable fit, but enables the printing of the crystal-clear image on the outside—the best of both worlds.

The particular shirt that we have is called the Paint Bucket (pictured), a collage of kaleidoscopic colors and images, which might not be for you if you don't feel like standing out. With something this flashy, you're going to. What's more, the design is on both sides of the shirt, making for a full realization of the impressive sublimation process.

But don't rush through their site. Take time to read everything carefully, they warn about sizing differences and possible inconsistencies in the image.

At $45 a pop (all availalble from Imaginary Foundation), these shirts aren't on the cheap side, but how else are you going to get that much attention?