Minimalist Vibes with NU Swim

The freshly launched California brand debuts a simple five-piece collection that works in and out of the water


While the northern hemisphere is still experiencing frigid temperatures, the optimistic (and envy-inducing warm weather vacationers) are already on the hunt for a new bathing suit. For those that who are dreading the shopping headaches to come—and are just itching to get into the water—the launch of new brand NU Swim comes at the perfect time.


A one-piece, two different tops and two different bottoms make up the five-piece debut collection, which is manufactured in California.The lack of dazzling graphics or prints, no strings to tie, no cut-outs or extraneous bondage-type straps make a strong, silent statement: I just want to swim. Thus, it was no surprise to learn that that NU Swim founder and designer Gina Esposito was an avid swimmer growing up.


“I feel that swimsuits have really changed since I was a kid,” Esposito, a former competitive swimmer and ocean lifeguard, tells CH. “Now there is extra crap on almost everything. Huge gaudy, chunky hardware, strings flying around, crazy padding to make your chest look fake—it’s just gotten to be over-saturated with all of this stuff. And that is totally fine if that’s your style! I just felt the market needed price-approachable, simple swimwear that could have multiple uses that we aren’t used to.”


Esposito wanted to design comfortable pieces that worked outside of the water as well. “I have always worn swimsuits under my clothes,” she says, “Whether I ran out of underwear, or was wearing one as a bra.” She even works out in NU Swim’s Straight top, which has the length of a sports bra. The top’s spaghetti-esque straps also make it look elegant under sheer T-shirts and over high waisted skirts and paints. “It’s really the silhouettes that I designed are what makes it so comfortable,” Esposito notes. “It hits the body in really nice places—nothing riding up your armpit, or crotch, or digging into your back or chest.”


It’s refreshing to see a new line that’s fueled by passion, not fashion. “Swimming is truly an incredible thing,” says Esposito. “Being underwater is when I feel most comfortable and happy. Nowadays I try to get in the pool to swim laps when I can, but it’s definitely few and far between. But being in the water is something I seek out: whether it’s finding random places in cities to swim, traveling around California making sure to revolve the trip around at least one hot spring dip, driving two hours to the Yuba River every summer weekend, etc.” With NU Swim making such a good first impression with its debut, it’s a smart idea to keep an eye on it to see how the brand will evolve in the coming years.


Visit NU swim’s online shop to peruse the debut collection and purchase. Pieces start at $70.

Images courtesy of Gina Esposito