Graphic Artist Michael Willis for Mood Skateboards

The NYC label continues their creative collaborations with a new batch of old-school visuals for their decks and garb

Mood-So-Yoon.jpg Mood-M-Willis-Deck.jpg

The design-driven duo behind Brooklyn-based skateboard company Mood is at it again. As with collections past, their collaborative efforts have culminated in a series of eye-catching skateboards and apparel donning the work of two new talented artists working in different mediums. While So Yoon Lym—an art educator living and working in Paterson, New Jersey—delivered her commission in the form of a beautifully detailed, photo-realistic painting adapted from her series “The Dreamtime,” English graphic artist Michael Willis focused his creativity on a mashup of global brand identities to create a fresh one all of his own.

Mood-M-Willis-T.jpg Mood-M-Willis-Bucket.jpg

With graphics reminiscent of ’90s brand work from the likes of Stüssy and Vision Streetwear, and drawing obvious inspiration from the vintage Guess logo, Willis’ three-piece collection is at once familiar and curious. Though each piece stands alone in terms of aesthetic draw, the collection remains cohesive with shared designs and color schemes. Having dropped earlier this week, the two limited-edition collections (along with a range of additional new Mood garb) is now online at Mood NYC where T-shirts sell for between $28 and $38 and fully skate-able decks go for $50.

Images courtesy of Mood