Chocolate Skateboards + DQM + Mast Brothers

Celebrating 20 years of skating and 10 years of streetwear influence with a collaboration chocolate bar


Since its humble beginnings as a sister company to Mike Carroll and Rick Howard’s Girl Skateboards, Chocolate has grown into one of the more influential brands in skateboarding’s surrounding culture. Now 20 years later, with legends like Gino Iannucci and young gun Elijah Berle on the roster, the company shows no signs of slowing. Likewise—though on the opposite coast—the impact of NYC’s celebrated boutique DQM only continues to grow since its inception 10 years ago. To celebrate both anniversaries, the two brands have teamed up with Brooklyn’s craft chocolate pioneer Mast Brothers to create a limited edition bar. Longtime Chocolate graphic design contributor Evan Hecox created artwork depicting the Astor Place Cube (a legendary NYC skate spot) which wraps the bar of decadent 73% cacao dark chocolate and sea salt.


Regardless of your allegiance to or interest in skateboarding, almost everybody can appreciate a delicious bar of chocolate. The Chocolate + DQM + Mast Brothers collaboration chocolate bar will go on sale in limited numbers exclusively in-store at DQM tomorrow, 26 September 2014.

Images courtesy of DQM