Denis Carrier for GoldCoast Skateboards

The French illustrator creates a cheeky graphic for the California-based board maker

gold-coast-heart-on-deck.jpg gold-coast-heart-on-deck-denis-carrier.jpg

Split between Utah and California, GoldCoast Skateboards makes everything one needs to enjoy life on four urethane wheels. With design-minded graphics and a focus on having fun, the brand connects with both those in and outside skateboard culture—a sentiment only reinforced by their latest artist collaboration cruiser board. “Heart On” features artwork from French illustrator and graphic designer Denis Carrier. Playing on the contrast (and overlap) between love and lust, the sparse design also draws attention to the natural grain of the North American maple wood. Whether you decide to hang it on your wall or take it for a cruise, the zig-zagger shape makes it both visually interesting and a lot of fun to skate.

While the Denis Carrier “Heart On” graphic is set to launch via GoldCoast Skateboards later this month, it is currently available in limited numbers from Tactics boardshop for $50.

Images courtesy of Tactics and by Graham Hiemstra