Mott & Bows’ Affordable Denim

A simple way to buy quality jeans online

While they’re by no means alone in the online denim market, Mott & Bow‘s new order and delivery service is pragmatic and almost entirely hassle-free. The design and retail brand lets you order jeans (or other pants) in two sizes, try them on and ship one back for free. Our personal preference always leans toward the highest-end denim, but when testing out Mott & Bow’s service, we found these to be good-looking, well-crafted jeans at an affordable price. From the denim (sourced from a family-owned factory in Turkey) to cut, fit and style, they’re a solid offering with convenience at the core—moreover, their finishing techniques allow for it all.

Mott & Bow have a distinct resin application process that’s done by hand like most premium producers, but in a different way. After the jeans have been sewn together, they are either sprayed or immersed into a resin mix—something that lends denim its look and feel. Each is then baked in an oven (referred to as curing) and then lightly distressed by hand, before receiving a final, individual, resin spray. This means that no two pair are exactly the same. Finally, all details are worked by hand and the jeans receive a wash. It’s that initial resin spray or dip that saves time and labor, allowing for lower costs. After a week of continuous wear thus far, the jeans we tried have retained comfort, fit and crisp appearance.

Explore Mott & Bow‘s offerings online, with prices starting at $96.

Images by Cool Hunting