SEEE: I Love Magic Shows and Other Ways To Fight Evil


The newest collection from CH favorites Star Electric Eighty Eight (SEEE), called "I Love Magic Shows and Other Ways To Fight Evil" features designs inspired by the concept of self-made magic and revolutionary spirit. Harlem-based designer Jennifer Garcia researched the occult elements from a variety of sources including European tarot cards, Native American dream-catchers, Rangoli designs from India and Pennsylvanian Dutch barn hexes, all of which she sampled and remixed to create the designs.

Armour D'Amour (pictured right) features a Native American motif which can be interpreted as armor either of or from love.


After reading Jane Fonda's biography, Garcia was also inspired to create The Jane Fonda shirt (pictured below) which features a simple repeat pattern of Fonda's famous 1970s fist-raised mug shot. As Garcia says "Her life story seemed to fit in perfectly with the idea of self-made magic. Anyone who uses themselves like that is an inspiration."

The Star Electric Eighty Eight designs are all printed on American Apparel T-Shirts and are available in both men and women's sizes in several color ways.

SEEE's designs are also featured in Street T. Camisetas, a book about t-shirt designs put out by Barcelona-based publisher Monsa and will be featured in a forthcoming book from Rebellion Books in the U.K. Up next is a new line of T-Shirts featuring designs by Datrumpf a French illustrator and designer living in New York.

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