Nuori Skincare

The new Danish brand focuses on freshness

Having only entered the US this year, Nuori is a fresh face aiming to point out an important topic: how many other skincare brands spend billions of dollars figuring out how to extend their products as long as possibleby months, even years. Taking a different route, Nuori makes their products in Denmark, in small batches every 12 weeks, to keep active, 100% naturally derived ingredients potent without ever adding artificial preservatives. All of this makes for a more effective, skin-friendly product; the remarkable texture and little-to-no scent are extra bonuses.

The boxes stamped with a “Start Using By” date (sorry hoarders, but you want to know you’re using ingredients at peak efficacy) and the product themselves bear an expiry date at the bottom of the bottles. Items purchased now read “Start Using By 22 January 2017,” for example, and should be finished by 16 April 2017. This distinguishes Nuori from department store skincare counterswho knows how long that $200 face cream has been in storage? (Founder Jasmi Bonnn notes that most skincare products are formulated to lastat least two years or longer).

The packagingwith hints of yellowis noticeably more durable to fend off exposureto air, light, bacteria and mold; it’s the work of Copenhagen- and New York-based studio NR2154. And as with most Scandinavian-inspired design, the minimalist and gender-neutral aesthetic makes it a product to leave proudly on the boudoir, rather than hidden away in a drawer.

The streamlinednot overwhelming at allline-up includes one of every essential face and body product: one face cream, one cleanser, one eye cream, one body balm and more. Nuori’s latest addition is the just-launched Supreme Moisture Mask, an intense rinse-off or overnight treatment. And it couldn’t be better timing for those of us on the East Coast, shocked by the sudden arrival of cold, harsh wintry winds.

Shop Nuori products online and from stockists around the world like ABC Carpet & Home and Portland’s Spruce Apothecary.

Images courtesy of Nuori