Supermood: Holistic Skincare from Finland

The new delightfully packaged Helsinki-based line features local ingredients like chaga mushroom


The newest natural-focused skincare line on our radar is currently only sold only in Finland and Sweden, but that didn’t stop us from digging deeper into Helsinki-based Supermood and getting a hold of a few products to test. With some meant to be applied onto the skin, and others meant to be eaten, the brand encapsulates the idea of beauty from the inside and out.


The charming packaging drops a hint about the founder’s past work experience. “After my long career as an art director in an agency world, I wanted to pursue something different that would still be related to things I’ve always loved: beauty, wellbeing, design and communication arts,” founder Anne Kukkohovi tells CH. She founded the boutique creative agency Supersuper in 2010 with her husband, but was inspired to start her own holistic beauty brand further along the road. She continues, “Supermood is the sum of our professional experience, love for brands and us wanting to break the traditional organic versus synthetic cosmetics categories. The core of our brand is green, but we want to be witty and fun as well—something organic brands rarely are.” Additionally, Supermood certainly is transparent: for each product, they offer a simple key showing which ingredients are organic, natural or synthetic.


Supermood’s Egoboost line features hand-picked chaga mushroom, an ingredient holding potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, sourced from the Finnish town of Kauhava. The Egoboost Moisture Kick Serum blends and dries into the skin nicely, leaving behind no greasy residue—just a smooth, hydrated layer of skin. There’s even a supplement in powder form for those who want to incorporate chaga mushroom (and collagen) into their diets. From the Beauty Sleep range, the Sweet Pillow Scent may sound a bit cheesy, but it’s in fact a calming blend of lavender, vetiver, clary sage and orange that’s a delight no matter the time of day. It’s become our official post-lunch desk refresher.

Supermood products are currently only available in Finland and Sweden, with plans to open their own webstore by the end of February. Find the full list of retailers on their website.

Images by Cool Hunting