Outlier Workwear Pants


Informally dubbed as the anti-jean, I've worn my Outlier Workwear Pants for four days straight, and tomorrow makes five. A simple, stripped-down pair that prioritizes functionality, it's durable, versatile and always maintains a clean look.

Tailored in NYC, the pant is constructed using a double weave method featuring a Cordura canvas face and soft brushed back interior to ensure comfort. The fabric is a blend of 80% Nylon, 10% Polyester and 10% Spandex—a combination that lends itself to water and abrasion resistance while remaining breathable and quick drying. Even better, the fabric is woven and dyed without the use of toxic chemicals common throughout the textile industry, minimizing harmful waste and reducing emissions.


Outlier also applies what they call the "lotus treatment," which is a nano tech fabric treatment that deflects oil and other stains. Tyler Clemens, co-founder of Outlier, comments, "We've been known to pour coffee and red wine straight onto our pants. Usually it just rolls off. Occasionally a bit might actually dry down, but it too will roll right off if you splash some water over it. Machine drying does help re-up the lotus effect, as does ironing. For the most part, this stuff just works, throw it on and go ride your bike."


Although these Outliers seem more durable than denim, the biggest difference is the range of motion. Running around, walking up stairs, eating lots and mounting and riding a bike is much easier in the Workwear Pants. The fabric affords a tiny bit of stretch, but a curved waistband and gusseted crotch make all the difference without the bagginess.


Instead of using an older fabric like denim, the folks at Outlier aimed to create their best pant incorporating the fabric technology of today. The result is a harder wearing, comfortable pant that resists wrinkles, needs less cleaning and can be worn during all four seasons. Seems like a no brainer to us. Pick up your Outlier Workwear Pants at Outlier Webshop for $188.

All photos by Emiliano Granado.