The Palindrome Series by Peter Marigold


Now on view as a part of "The Harder They Fall" exhibit at Moss Gallery in NYC, artist/designer Peter Marigold created a new series of works cleverly entitled The Palindrome Series. Using wood, acrylic, gypsum composite and fiberglass, Marigold plays with symmetry by creating pieces of furniture that are half mold and half cast resulting in mirrored textures and details.


Marigold explains the process behind the conceptual project on his site and comments, "The wood is first assembled as a mould and then the composite casting material is layered inside. Once this is set, the wooden mould is opened up, turned inside out and used to create the opposing side to the cast. The two sides are then bolted together using mould making fasteners. Each imperfection is complimented on the opposite side of the unit: circular saw marks become symmetrical decorative swirls, knots in the wood become motifs and holes become handles." Be sure to visit Marigold's site for more explanation and images of the work in progress.


Keeping with the theme, each piece of furniture is engraved with a palindromic title like "Mr Owl Ate My Metal Worm" or "Kayak," which is also raised on the opposing cast side.


The Palindrome Series is on exhibit and available for purchase from Moss Gallery. Each is a one-off and pricing starts at $4,500 depending on the piece.


More info, images and pricing at Moss.