Quoddy Custom Shoe Service

The generations-old moccasin-makers now allow customers to order shoes detail by detail


For those in the Northeastern US, Quoddy is a household name, having been making moccasins, loafers and shoes of the like by hand in Lewiston, Maine for generations. Using techniques and methods derived from those developed by local Native American tribe, the Passamaquoddy—from whom the brand gets its name—a small team of craftsmen sew together an ever-widening range of footwear for men and women (all using exceptional materials made in the USA). To broaden the already impressive offering of styles, Quoddy recently opened up their highly sought-after custom service to the general population.


As each shoe is already made to order, offering the ability to choose materials and colors on everything from the upper and sole to hardware and lacing doesn’t actually stress their production process, surprisingly enough. We recently had the opportunity to build a pair, and though it did take some time (due to the hand-construction), we’re more than happy with the aesthetic end result. We took the traditional Horween True Pennyloafer ($325) and made it a bit more modern, dropping some details and adding an unconventional black crepe sole. Aside from the luxurious feel and evident craftsmanship, one smell of the rich materials is enough to convince anyone of their quality. Visit Quoddy to explore all footwear offerings.

Images by Cool Hunting