Retainer Necklace


I never had a retainer when I was a teen and always wanted one. I was jealous of my friends, who used to spend the day flipping them in their mouths. It looked like so much fun. I used to pretend that I had a retainer by shoving fruit roll to the roof of my mouth. One friend recently told me that she used to unbend paper clips and put them around her teeth to look like she was wearing one. But with Pratt-alum Kiel Mead's 14k gold-plated retainer necklace, that's no longer necessary. Taking the idea of "jewelry for your teeth," Kiel cast his brother's retainer to create the life-size accessory that he says is meant to hang low. I wouldn’t suggest putting it your mouth and it probably won't straighten your teeth, but it's one of the more original if not creepy charms available.

Available at: Base, Miami Beach; Storyville Boutique, Austin; The Future Perfect, Brooklyn; The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, New York; Propeller, San Francisco; Show, Los Angeles and online.