Sandwich vs Hunger T-Shirts

Raising money for Action Against Hunger one carbon-neutral top at a time

In a three-way collaboration, Sonic Sandwich, Continental Clothing Co and artist Rob Flowers have launched a 21-day campaign to sell as many T-shirts (and sweatshirts) as possible, with all 100% of proceeds going to Action Against Hunger—a charity that has been fighting hunger across 50 countries for almost 40 years. Currently available via Print Social, the project just launched—but there are just 20 days left to get your T-shirt and help a worthwhile cause.

We spoke with Gavin Lucas (one half of Sonic Sandwich, which serves up sammies and songs—and beers—in London) about the Sandwich vs Hunger project.

How did this idea came about?

The idea came about because of various things all happening simultaneously. I’ve just started a new sandwich venture with a friend at The Social in London and in the creation of the brand, we commissioned illustrator Rob Flowers to create some happy sandwich characters. A few T-shirt printing companies have recently set up crowdfunding / pre-buy T-shirt projects whereby people can submit designs, create a campaign and if enough people buy their designs, then the garments get printed and ship—with no upfront cost to the person wanting to get their design on a T-shirt. I’ve been wondering how to tie in what we’re doing to a charity I really believe in—and the idea of our happy sandwich dude having the power to raise money for a good cause seemed like a good one.

The T-shirts are carbon-neutral, please explain a little about Continental Clothing Co and your relationship with them?

Having recently printed some T-shirts for a different project, I’d come across Continental Clothing Co’s EarthPositive range of T-shirts that are made with a heavily reduced carbon footprint as a result of no small amount of innovative and proactive efforts to be ecologically responsible. They also have a great policy toward giving workers legal contracts, and paying them a proper living wage. It was important to find a supplier with good credentials, so that the project is as friendly to all involved along the chain of production as possible. Trying to do something with good intentions, but unwittingly supporting child labour or sweatshop activity would be awful!

Tell us a little about Rob Flowers’ design.

Rob designed the character (as one of several characters) for the Sonic Sandwich kitchen venture at the end of last year. I wanted a bunch of sandwich characters in a kind of parade. I work with Rob a lot so there wasn’t much to-ing and fro-ing—his artwork is perfect for setting the tone for the brand I’m building. And because this sunglasses wearing guy is so cool—we thought—let’s put him to work!

Apart from the obvious, raising money for Action Against Hunger, is there more you hope to achieve with this project?

This illustrated character is associated with my sandwich brand and I want people who see him to feel positive toward him. The idea of giving him a life outside of his sandwich shop duties whereby he can actually generate money for a good cause is too good to let go.

T-shirts (£25) and sweatshirts (£40) are available at Print Social until 13 April.

Images courtesy of Sonic Sandwich