A Scented Candle Inspired by the Aurora Borealis

From hygge experts Skandinavisk for the upcoming AW16 collection

Spreading the uniquely Scandinavian warmth of “hygge” via elegant scented candles, Skandinavisk has an exceptionally striking new design for their AW16 collection that caught our eye. Named “Nordlys” (Danish and Norwegian for the Northern Lights), it’s inspired by one of nature’s greatest paintings in the sky that the Arctic Region gets to witness. “With Nordlys, the ambition was to create a fragrance truly indefinable but with intense color and freshness—just like the Aurora,” co-founder Shaun Russell tells CH. “It also obliged us to reinterpret our existing design approach by overlapping color, and exploding our pattern into stars in the sky. We also use a colored wax for the first time, so the effect should be something altogether new—even if it in no way can ever truly replicate the actual Aurora.”

This ethereal light will soon join the rest of Skandinavisk’s collection of cozy candles (check out their other scents inspired by fjords, midsummer campfires and more) in their webshop.

Images courtesy of Skandinavisk