Skandinavisk Candles

The young candle company launches five new scents and a handmade porcelain collection, each capturing a special aspect of Scandinavia


The design and quality that went into creating the Copenhagen-and-Stockholm-based Skandinavisk‘s inaugural set of blue and white candles caught our eye last December, and their more colorful second batch signals the arrival of spring. The brand continues to share their of love of Scandinavia and its unique culture of “hygge”—a word untranslatable in English that describes cozy intimacy, gathering and day-to-day moments that nourish the soul. With five new scents (formulated with the help of a leading European perfume designer and produced in the famous Grasse, France) that express the region’s unique aspects, Skandinavisk brings a little bit of Scandinavia to homes thousands of miles away.

“Scandinavia is littered with islands, hundreds of thousands of them, like stars in the night sky and they represent true escape for Scandinavians—hence Ö (‘island’ in Swedish),” co-founder Shaun Russell explains to CH regarding the inspirations for some of the new scents. “We are approaching summer, which is truly treasured given the harsh winters, and where nature literally explodes into life—hence SOMMAR (‘summer’ in Swedish). FJORD celebrates the most dramatic Scandinavian landscape of all. With the five new scents, we are simply continuing to elaborate on what makes Scandinavia so special.”


The company is also beginning to make tableware with their first ever handmade porcelain collection. They were introduced to Copenhagen-based ceramicist Jeanette Hiiri by the proprietress of one of their favorite Copenhagen design stores, Fick—and the result is a set of cups and plates that would encourage anyone to stop, take a break and indulge in the Swedish ritual, fika (translating to “coffee break”), with friends. The cups are extra large and without handles, shaped to fit perfectly between two hands. “For us, ceramics was always the next step since it really is another catalyst for hygge,” says Russell. “Scandinavians drink more coffee than any nations on earth, they eat more candy, they are famous for their pastries. So candlelight, coffee and something yummy shared with someone you are close to is literally a daily priority up here.”


Skandinavisk’s scented candles burn for approximately 45 hours and are encased in a painted glass votive; they’re available online for €35, as well as from select retailers across the globe. Keep an eye out for their ceramic cups, which will begin popping up around mid-April for €25 each, with the side plates released soon after.

Images courtesy of Pia Winther