Steezys Charms for Headphone Cords

Kawaii and collectible, NYC-designed trinkets that add a little cute to everyday items

SteezysCharms-05.jpg SteezysCharms-04.jpg SteezysCharms-06.jpg

Cartoonish and made to capture the playfully-minded tween inside each of us, Steezys headphone cord charms are just that—and while they aren’t exactly life essentials, they are damn cute. Whether you wear them in bunches or simply as a single statement piece, the little charms span all things kawaii, from sports and animals to food and emoji. If you can put a smiley face on it (and maybe some glitter), Steezys has made a charm of it.

The trinkets are small—so aren’t suggested for kids under three—and are designed in New York City, with the intention of collecting and trading and adding a little fun to an everyday item, be it your headphone cord or shirt lapel. Visit Steezys online where each charm sells for $5.

Images courtesy of Steezys