Pintrill + Grado Heaphones Pin

Two Brooklyn-based brands work together on one miniature collaboration


Brooklyn’s PINTRILL is one of those “either you get it or you don’t” types of brands. Making accessories inspired by pop culture, relevant sayings and various niche fashion icons, the playful brand exists for a select segment of internet enthusiasts. And as it turns out, fellow Brooklyn-based brand Grado Headphones is on the same wavelength. So much so, that their own VP Jonathan Grado reached out shortly after PINTRILL’s launch earlier this year and, as a result, PINTRILL releases their first collaboration in the form of a tiny Grado headphone pin. Modeled after Grado’s third generation SR80e headphone, the little replica is cast in pewter (with a gold iteration exclusive to Grado employees of notable record) and is available as of today.

Find the Grado collab pin for $10 from PINTRILL, also visit Prize Pins for more cheeky accessories.

Image courtesy of PINTRILL